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Our Story

ENTRA has been established in Cairo, Egypt 2007 based on the concepts of meeting the ever increasing demand for (conveyors business) and all relevant, providing unique advantages. ENTRA is the sole agent of MODU System in the Egyptian market as of 2009, as well as some of the markets that next to us. Since its inception, ENTRA has made significant progress in the conveyor business surging ahead of its competitors to serve varied clients. This is further emphasized by a proven track record in the business arena and a widespread acceptance and recognition of its largely superior products, innovative designs and professional services.

ENTRA is a turnkey solutions provider.

We offer custom solution for various types of industries. We pride ourselves on listening to our customer’s problems. Our staff of Mechanical, Electrical and Control engineers, along with our Projects Managers and Senior Account managers, work together to provide the best available service to solve our customers problems.

ENTRA Electro Mechanical approach is based on restructuring the material flow in production process to ensure of the best delivery of the products via fastest and shortest custom solutions in order to achieve maximum productivity as well as minimize all potential losses.

ENTRA Electro Mechanical works closely with customers to achieve the best material handling solution. As a one-stop material solution provider, ENTRA Electro Mechanical starts by:

1. Analyzing the present production processes
2. Suggesting efficiency-improving solutions
3. Supplying appropriate components, systems or integrated solutions.
Our experience with a variety of conveyors, including belts, modular conveyor, roller conveyors, and elevators, as well as our knowledge of the Automation and Control field, enables us to provide a cost-effective turnkey solution to our customer base.

When you choose ENTRA Electromechanical, you can trust that you are partnering with a company that has a proven track record of success and a reputation for delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions. We are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends and technologies to ensure that our customers receive the most advanced and efficient conveyor systems available.


Our Policy

Ensure our clients satisfaction

1-Intention: Make it easy for our customers by being Personable and Approachable.

2-Persistence: Quality & Punctuality by Taking the responsibility.

3-Attitude: Anticipate our Client’s Needs & Go Out Of our Way to Help Them Out.

4-Actions: Respond to Messages Promptly; Keep our Clients Informed & Use our customer feedback to improve our services.

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Our Product Criteria

In keeping with our policy of continuous improvement, ENTRA Electro Mechanical products are designed to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and achieve the markets ever changing demand for:

1. Easy to install and to reconfigure.

2. Highly Safe & Flexible

3. Reliable.

4. Having an aesthetic look

5. Easy to transport and economical to own

6. Low maintenance and maintenance free with some of our products range

Strength Points

1. A strong reputable client lists.

2. A strong know how.

3. Financial Capabilities.

4. Product Customization.

5. Product wide range solutions.

Code of Conduct

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: All employees of ENTRA Electromechanical Conveyor System Solutions in Egypt must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards in the conduct of their duties.

2. Ethical Behavior: Employees must conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, and respect in all business dealings. They must avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts to management.

3. Confidentiality: Employees must maintain the confidentiality of proprietary information, trade secrets, and customer data. They must not disclose any confidential information to unauthorized parties.

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ENTRA Conveyor System and Automation Solutions in Egypt

4: Professionalism: Employees must act in a professional manner at all times, treating colleagues, customers, and suppliers with respect and courtesy. They must refrain from engaging in any behavior that could be deemed unprofessional.
5: Health and Safety: Employees must prioritize the health and safety of themselves and others in the workplace. They must adhere to all safety protocols and procedures to prevent accidents and injuries.
6. Environmental Responsibility: ENTRA Electromechanical Conveyor System Solutions is committed to environmental sustainability. Employees must strive to minimize the company's impact on the environment by following eco-friendly practices and complying with all environmental regulations.
7: Quality Assurance: Employees must strive to deliver high-quality products and services to customers. They must adhere to quality standards and procedures to ensure customer satisfaction.
8: Conflict Resolution: In the event of a conflict or disagreement, employees must seek to resolve the issue in a professional and constructive manner. They must avoid engaging in any behavior that could escalate the conflict.
9: Reporting Violations: Employees who become aware of any violations of this code of conduct must report them to management or the appropriate authorities. Retaliation against employees who report violations is strictly prohibited.
10-Continuous Improvement: ENTRA Electromechanical Conveyor System Solutions is committed to continuous improvement. Employees must actively seek opportunities for professional development and contribute to the company's growth and success.