ENTRA Modular Conveyors

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ENTRA has made significant progress in the modular conveyor business, surging ahead of its competitors to provide a one-stop modular conveyor system.


The new modular plastic belt conveyor system from ENTRA is a simplified solution for conveying large products.

All components of the plastic belt conveyor are standardized for easy engineering, maintenance, and operation. Simplicity in its design makes ENTRA System’s new plastic belt conveyor reliable, flexible, safe, and adaptive to any requirements. 

The white POM belt surface is natural and smooth, which minimizes the risk of scratches on products, allowing safe handling of sensitive products.

Plastic belt conveyor systems are designed to integrate with new and existing production equipment. 

Machinery that has been laid out to fulfill factory and operator requirements can easily be linked using suitable components and conveyors from our modular range.


ENTRA Conveyors provides diverse plastic chain conveyor systems. All conveyor systems can be effortlessly assembled with standard tools.

Our components are prepared with anodized aluminum and molded plastic, giving them a spotless and aesthetic appearance. A ready stock availability of conveyor components is ensured at ENTRA at all times. The bends, straights, and supports are made up of pre-assembled pieces, so ENTRA conveyor systems can be assembled in less time using simple hand tools.

The simplicity of ENTRA’s spiral conveyor design makes the system reliable, flexible, safe, and trouble-free to operate. ENTRA development in maintenance and installation areas includes an automatic lubrication system (ALS) and tension adjustment.

spiral conveyor

Table - Accumulation Conveyors

sorting table
The accumulation table stores products to generate mass buffering to accommodate other processes with a large storage capacity. This equipment is driven by two gear motors which drive alternating conveyor with opposite direction.
Accumulation conveyor provides in-line “first-in-first-out” accumulation of products. It maintains product orientation while providing accumulation between line operations. Sanitary clean design suited for pharmaceutical operation.

Alpine-Accumulation Conveyor Acts As A Buffer Between Machines. It Consists Of Many Conveyor Layers Which Are Stacked Above Each Other. Alpine Accumulation Conveyor System Can Be Used For Cooling, Drying And Buffering.


ENTRA Modular Conveyors Elevating System

ENTRA Elevating and Lowerating solution is design specifically to elevate products, lower products, or buffer products. Our four different configurations are as below:
conveyor system and automation solutions

A gripper conveyors is a highly efficient system that utilizes two sets of conveyors set up in a gripping format to transfer a product between different elevations while occupying minimal floor space. The gripper conveyor firmly but gently grips the product before releasing it onto another conveyor, making it an ideal assembly for high-speed production or packaging lines.


ENTRA’s Elevator/Lowerator is designed for high speed, payload, and capacity, primarily for conveying cases, bags, and trays. It occupies less floor space in case/carton palletizing lines, warehousing, or work-in-progress storage applications by transferring products to an overhead conveyor section. This creates aisleways, clearance for forklifts, and facilitates the transfer of products between floors.


Utilizing friction and cleated conveyors is a cost-effective and straightforward method to transfer products between different levels. By elevating the production flow, valuable floor space can be reclaimed, allowing for the addition of more production capacity and improved accessibility. The refined design and standardized interfaces with upstream and downstream equipment make the solution efficient and adaptable to various products.


Why Choose ENTRA Modular Conveyors

At ENTRA Electromechanical, we understand your unique conveyor needs and provide customized solutions that cater to your business requirements. Our modular conveyor systems offer a range of benefits that make them practical and efficient for a variety of industries.

Discover the Benefits of ENTRA's Conveyors

ENTRA’s modular conveyors are the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their automation process. Our conveyors are designed to be easy to install, operate, and maintain, which means you can focus on your core business while we take care of the rest.

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